DIY: Wedding Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are inexpensive DIY additions that add a sweet touch to a variety of wedding themes. They are also incredibly easy to make! All you need is chalkboard paint, picture frames, and chalk. You should be able to find cheap picture frames at a thrift shop or you can ask around. Likely some of your friends and family members have a few they’d be willing to give away!

chalkboard menu

Once you have your materials, you will want to remove the glass from the frame. You have three options that will work for your sign: the glass, the artwork (if that’s what was in the frame), or cardboard (usually behind frames that held photographs, or you can cut your own). Cardboard is the least reusable out of the three, so if you decide to use this as your sign don’t plan on erasing too many times.

welcome chalkboard

The next step is to spray the surface with chalkboard paint (spray paint varieties are a bit easier to use than standard paint). Keep at least a foot distance between the spray can and the surface, and apply in thin coats until you achieve the desired finish. After a full day has passed and the paint has finished drying, it is time to prime the surface. This is done by rolling the chalk along the entire surface and then erasing it with a paper towel.

chalkboard cocktail sign

Decorate in whatever way you choose! Here are a few of our favorite uses for wedding chalkboard signs:

  • Place a chalkboard sign at the entrance of your reception welcoming guests.
  • Decorate your wedding with chalkboard signs that have your and your fiancés name or initials, the date of the wedding, romantic quotes, or directions on where to go or what to do.
  • Small chalkboard signs can be used to number the tables at your reception.
  • Share the bar or dinner menu with a chalkboard sign rather than a paper card.

    Photo Credit Lane Dittoe


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