Which Dress Type Flatters Your Body Shape?

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On your wedding day, you should be completely content in your own skin.  It’s your day to show the world your true beauty.  Wearing a dress that accentuates your most flattering aspects will guarantee a comfortable walk down the aisle.

Only wear a dress that you are at ease in.  If you are constantly pulling up the bodice, or fidgeting with your waistline you will only draw attention to the areas you are subconsciously trying to keep hidden.  You know your body and your style:  here are some tips to help you get started on your search for your perfect dress:


The A-Line:

a line dress
Photo Courtesy: Jany Churcy

A-line dresses are classic. If your body is more pear shaped, with wider hips than shoulders, an a-line will fit your body shape perfectly.  The natural curve of the dress will play off of your hips, and tighten in at the waist, drawing the eye to the thinnest part of your body.  Be sure to find a dress that has a figure hugging bodice, showing off your slender upper body.

A-line dresses are glamorous, and are usually more fitting for a formal affair.  These princess-like gowns are ideal for indoor occasions, particularly if they are made of satin, or floor length.  Nobody likes dragging fine fabrics through the grass.

If your wedding is outdoors try looking for a cotton dress, or perhaps just skip out on the train.


The Mermaid:

mermaid dress
Photo Courtesy: Eric Mesa

Mermaid style dresses are best for those with a more shapely upper body.  With fabric gathered at the waist and knees, your natural symmetry is enhanced.  The trumpeted flare at the bottom of the dress balances out broader shoulders.  A strapless dress with a sweet heart neckline is ideal for bustier women.


The Empire:

empire dress
Photo Courtesy: Lea Ann Belter

An Empire dress cinches directly below the bust and then falls away from the body, thus enhancing the narrowest part of the body.  This is also makes the Empire dress a great choice for plus sized women.  Always be sure that the line goes directly below the bust, not across it.   A cinch too high won’t enhance your waist, only draw attention to it.

If you have a smaller bust, look for a textured bodice that will give the fabric (and your physique) a little more volume.


Figure Fitting:

figure fitting dress
Photo Courtesy: Momo Peche

If you have an hourglass figure, a form fitting dress may be in order.  A streamlined gown will cling to your curves and enhance your slimmer waistline.  A beautiful plunging back line will add allure while still maintaining a classy silhouette.


Most importantly: flaunt what you’ve got!  But bear in mind, this is your wedding day, not a nightclub.  Your main goal should not be to appear simply sexy, but breathtakingly gorgeous.

Embrace your body’s natural shape by finding a dress type that flatters and best fits your figure.  You shouldn’t attempt to cover up a “problem area,” just to enhance your most flattering aspects.  Every person is beautiful, and your wedding dress should showcase not just your good looks, but your personality, as well.


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