Engagement Photos Close to Home

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Some couples stress over the scenery in their engagement photos and plan a trip to a scouted location without realizing the ideal options available right at home. Shooting your engagement photos where you live can represent you and your fiancé in an authentic way that translates beautifully onto images. Whether you live in a bustling city or secluded suburb, we’ve picked the perfect places to shoot your engagement photos—no matter where you call home.

Rural: Nestled Up In Nature

Couples living in nature can achieve rustic, earthy engagement photos by simply stepping out their front door. Like in Boulder, Colorado where at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, you can find miles of pristine backdrop. The mountainous plains were a breathtaking choice for these engagement photos shot by Lane Dittoe. The peaceful serenity celebrates the refreshing outdoors that is synonymous with Colorado living.

boulder engagement

The contrast of the bride’s colorful dress against the muted setting highlights the raw beauty of nature and shows that something as simple as what you wear can bring new life to your photos.

Big City: Embracing Each Other And The Architecture

Chicago, New York, Miami… so many big cities with breathtaking skylines that can serve as dreamlike backdrops for engagement photos. Your photographer will know great viewing spots, and likely suggest early morning or evening call times when the lighting is just right and you can catch those picturesque sunrise or sunset moments. How adorable is this skyline engagement photo by Kina Wicks?

downtown engagement

If you live in a big city, it is likely you also have a great selection of historic buildings and landmarks that would work perfectly for an engagement shoot. We love these pictures taken in Seattle’s Pike Place Market by photographer Katie Parra. The couple is captured so naturally that their feelings and personalities practically jump from the screen.

pike place engagement

Tropical: Beaming On The Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, having a beachfront engagement shoot should be a given. Whether on a pier, or barefoot in the water, there are endless opportunities for showcasing your engagement. Below photographer Lane Dittoe has captured two couples lovingly embracing among a beach scene.

beach engagement

This shot is thrilling and romantic, with the couple standing atop the rocks while the bride’s breezy dress billows in the wind.

hawaii engagement

Here we find an overflowing essence of intimacy, as the couple kisses without a care in the world as the tide washes over them.

Anywhere: Out and About On The Town

No matter where you live, you can achieve a lovely around-the-town photo shoot by visiting some of your favorite locations. The restaurant where you had your first date? The quaint coffee shop you routine on Sunday mornings? Wherever your favorite places are, think about incorporating them into your engagement photos.

general store engagement

Take inspiration from this photo, another by the talented Lane Dittoe, where the couple is casually seated on a bench in front of a local store.

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