Are You Expecting on Your Wedding Day?

This isn’t the 19th century anymore.  Getting married while you’re pregnant is a common occurrence.  Whether this is your first baby or not, your special day is made even more miraculous with a bun in the oven.  From a teeny baby bump to the eight month count down, there are dresses to fit every silhouette.

Photo Courtesy:  Dave Malkoff

You’re gorgeous when you’re pregnant, radiant and glowing.  Don’t let all that vivacity hide away.  If you’re pregnant and aching to tie the knot, then make the move!  Whether you elope or you have a huge ceremony, there’s no better time to get married.   Really, there’s no need to hold off any longer; once the baby comes you and your honey will have plenty to handle without worrying about wedding planning.

Photo Courtesy:  Dave Malkoff

Speaking of worrying:  Don’t!  The last thing you want to do is get stressed out.  Keep everything nice and easy.  Of course, have the wedding of your dreams, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your love.  Take some time to soak it all in and relax.

Too much stress is not only bad for you and your relationship, but it’s bad for your baby, too.  In all of your preparations keep your baby’s health and safety your number one concern.  If you are having a destination wedding, keep your flight dates in a healthy range in your pregnancy.  Talk to your doctor about what is best for you and your baby.  Most importantly, ditch the high heels and the champagne, and substitute them for something child friendly:  Having fun and laughing a little!

preg short
Photo Courtesy:  Judit Klein

Or a lot!  Show off those pearly whites and your filled out physique.  There’s no shame in getting pregnant before getting married: now you just have an extra reason for your joy!  Plus, now you have an extra reason to not have to stick to tradition.  Try a sexy short dress or a strapless number.  Whatever you choose, keep it classy.  No need to get TOO revealing.

preg dress
Photo Courtesy:  Laura Thorne

Don’t be nervous about picking out a dress.  Take your time to find something that compliments your new and changing body shape.  If you’re buying in advance, consider how far away you are from your wedding day and how much you are bound to grow.  It’s best to give yourself a little extra room.

When picking out a dress go for something loose and flowing.  Not to hide your baby bump, of course, but because it’s more comfortable. Also, there’s no need to choose go with classic white (unless you want to).  Play with colors!  Your natural glow will go wonderfully with pretty blues and lilac shades.  If you have a darker skin tone a sage green might be perfectly lovely.

Regardless of whatever hue you decide upon, choose a gown that gathers right below your bust line, then flows gently away from your body.  You’ll be glad for a little extra room… and the breeze!

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