My Experience DIY-ing My Wedding with Chalkboards

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Most of my wedding decor was made myself, although if I could go back in time I would have bought more and spent less time stressing about crafts. The majority of this DIY work came in the form of chalkboards. I found an extremely affordable way to accomplish my chalkboard decor the way I wanted.

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I bought canvas at Michaels and spray painted them with chalkboard paint. I also bought wooden scroll frames and spray painted them my wedding color, sapphire blue. For the writing, I used chalk to trace stencil letters on the canvas, then used chalkboard paint pins to make the chalk permanent and eye catching.

IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1458

I definitely took advantage of the chalkboard trend and did just about everything with it. Chalkboard signs, a chalkboard piggy bank for a honeymoon fund, and chalkboard table markers. Yet Pinterest never ceases to amaze me with their many excellent ideas on how to DIY chalkboards for your wedding.

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The most popular chalkboard DIY project is making your ceremony programs and seating charts. Not only is this cute and creative, but it also saves you money and time printing one hundred (or more!) ceremony programs to give to all of your attendees.

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Using chalkboards for your menu is another cute and creative way to help guests find their way at the wedding. Menu signs can be used for appetizers, dinner, desserts, and drinks. Guests will feel more comfortable with the explanation and your reception space will be adorable with the signs. Brides (including myself!) also use chalkboard signs to explain the guest book, photobooth, how to capture photos, or where to go for certain wedding activities.

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The best part about these chalkboard signs – you get to hang them in your home as keepsakes when the wedding is all over! If you don’t feel confident in your DIY crafting skills, there are many excellent sellers on Etsy who will create a beautiful, flawless chalkboard sign for you.

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