Our Favorite Beautiful Themed Wedding Ideas


I love style and high fashion, I love stunning beauty and I love keeping up with all the latest in the wedding world.  But I say it all the time, I also love a bride who thinks outside the box.  So I thought it would be fun to combine the two and feature my favorite beautiful themed wedding ideas!

Along with my love of fashion and weddings, is sports….so I couldn’t not show some great sport themed weddings!

This bride and her wedding party are beautiful in all its name with their style and dresses!  They have a pop of the broncos team color in the bridesmaids dresses, making this a perfect way to bring sports into your wedding theme.

sportPhoto Credit: bridalguide


Rather than having the entire wedding cake the shape of a football or the entire cake themed around your favorite team, what about this idea! This is so cute, it has a touch of football with a lot of girl!


sport3Photo Credit: bridalguide

These tables are so elegant and romantic, but I love the jersey style table numbers! They don’t take away from the femininity of the decor but add a sports twist!

basketballPhoto Credit: pinterest

These puck place settings are just a brilliant idea, plus a few other great  ideas that are classy and cute!

puckPhoto Credit: tressugar

sport1Photo Credit: buzzfeed

sport2Photo Credit: buzzfeed

One of the easiest and fun themes I have seen is a carnival themed wedding.  This is so easy because it works with any colors, it can be brought out easily through the food choices and a fun candy table filled with carnival themed treats!  Check out how some of these bride and grooms showed off their love for carnivals!

How adorable are these two!

carnival2Photo Credit: pinterest

carnival1Photo Credit: pinterest

carnivalPhoto Credit: pinterest

This cake is so amazing and completely edible!

carnivalPhoto Credit: pinterest

carnival4Photo Credit: pinterest

carnival3Photo Credit: pinterest

Last but not least and of course my favorite is the glitter and glam themed wedding!  There is so many DIY glitter ideas popping up all over that are so inexpensive to create, but anything looks rich in all its glitter!  From the brides accessories, to the flower girls, all the way to the table runners, this theme is for all the queen brides to be!

glitterPhoto Credit: wedding.allwomenstalk

Sparkle comes in all different colors so choose your favorite, or mix and match!

glitter3Photo Credit: wedding.allwomenstalk

glitter4Photo Credit:pinterest

glitter5Photo Credit: pinterest

Having a theme to a wedding can really help you stay organized and on track because you know exactly what you want.  Let me know what you think of these wedding theme ideas!


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