Our Favorite Wedding Flower Trends for 2014

Choosing the flowers for your wedding can be a big deal. Each flower has a different symbolism behind it, along with different variations and colors to match your day. This year, wedding flower trends have emerged that show us what brides are drawn to, giving you flower inspiration for your wedding!

orchid11 orchid10 orchid9 orchid8 orchid7 orchid6 orchid5 orchid4 orchid3 orchid2 orchid1

The orchid is a very popular flower this year. With the ability to come in many different shades, though most brides know the classic purple hue, orchids have a beautiful, simple shape that can go with any season.

roses11 roses10 roses9 roses8 roses7 roses6 roses5 roses4 roses3 roses2 roses1

Roses are traditional and the symbol of romance. Previous years brides have avoided roses, worried about the “cliche” flower. However, florists are single-handedly bringing the rose back by showing brides the many beautiful varieties of roses there are to match with any wedding. With brides’ interest in roses renewed, they are also becoming affordable.

fernns10 fernns9 ferns9 ferns8 ferns7 fernns6 fernns5 fernns4 ferns3 ferns2 ferns1

Opting for greenery accents is becoming very popular brides, especially when it comes to the ferns. Brides with rustic or outdoors-centered weddings choose ferns to bring a magical forest vibe to their wedding, similar to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are many different varieties of ferns to choose from. If you feel up for adventure, you can go to your nearby woods the morning of the wedding and find your favorites.

glamelia6 glamelia5 glamelia4 glamelia3 glamelia2 glamelia1

Many brides are choosing a very simple bouquet to carry instead of an elaborate arrangement. Brides are either choosing a single flower to carry or are ordering specially made glamelia bouquets. Glamelia bouquets are arrangements made out of hundreds of petals to form a large, single flower. Brides also make glamelia bouquets out of paper.

trellises8 trellises7 trellises6 trellises5 trellises4 trellises3 trellises2 trellises1

Ceremonial floral trellises are extremely popular this year and have the ability to incorporate any type of flower the bride and groom want. Trellises are floral arches that couples stand under to exchange their vows. Trellises originated as a Jewish wedding tradition called huppahs and now all couples are going after the beauty the arches bring.

tall9 tall8 tall7 tall6 tall5 tall4 tall3 tall2 tall1 candelbras1

Huge centerpieces that are lush and large are a huge 2014 trend. Some florists are calling it a return to old world art with tall, blooming centerpieces and regal candelabras. Even brides on a budget are opting for the luxurious look!

garland9 garland8 garland7 garland6 garland5 garland4 garland3 garland2 garland1

Garlands of flowers are a huge trend for the year. In India, garlands are considered a traditional decoration. They are used in all kinds of festivals, including wedding ceremonies. They can be used for just about any part of the wedding Рon chairs, as centerpieces, hanging from the ceiling, and even worn by the bride. Try using garland in place of chair covers, or run green leafy garland spotted with flowers along the length of the table.

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