Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

photo bride
Photo Courtesy:  Brandon Carpenter

First of all, you’re going to need someone you can communicate with.  Let your photographer know exactly what you’re looking for:  this is YOUR special day.  Be patient and lenient, but decisive.  Understand that your photographer is experienced, and be respectful of their artistic eye, but know what you want and share your ideas.  In harmony, you’ll be able to achieve wonders.

photo photographer
Photo Courtesy:  Don LaVange

If you aren’t looking to hire a professional wedding photographer, have one of your friends take pictures.  Be sure your pal has a good camera and lens, and doesn’t just show up with a cell phone camera.  This is a once in a lifetime deal, here.

photo shot
Photo Courtesy:  Sergio Bertolini

Most importantly, especially if you have a friend do the shooting for you, get a photographer that isn’t afraid to get down and dirty.  To get the good shots, your photographer is going to have to get in some unique and possibly uncomfortable positions.  Plus, they’ll have to be on the job for your entire wedding celebration.

If your camera wielding friend isn’t up to the challenge, kindly turn them down and get a professional to do the work.  These are pictures that you and your love cherish for the rest of your lives, make sure you don’t miss a moment!

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