Five Great Wedding Dress Tips for Curvy Brides


Every woman’s dream dress, the wedding gown, is also the most difficult to choose. Brides-to-be need to consider a number of details before buying THE dress, such as the season when they are having their big day, their chosen wedding theme, their given body shape, and the wearability and comfort factors.

If you are a curvy lady looking for the perfect wedding dress, here are some great tips ready to make your quest a little easier:

Find the Right Style for Your Body Shape

The most important thing is to know your silhouette. If you are apple-shaped, you should opt either for a ball gown or an empire dress, top-heavy, hourglass-shaped ladies will look fabulous in mermaid gowns, while bottom-heavy brides (but also short girls who want to appear taller) should go for A-line dresses.

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Figure-Flattering Tricks

A curvy silhouette is flattered by a thicker fabric. Elegant taffeta is a great example, and you should really consider it. It creates a beautiful streamlined silhouette while smoothing out the parts you want to cover. Sheer chiffon is another great choice, perfect for spring and summer weddings. It really compliments a plus-size bride, as many times it is used over a layer of satin, Lycra or muslin.

Try to avoid beading or flower appliques in the areas you would rather minimize, because they just draw more attention. Thick straps and cap sleeves are an elegant alternative to strapless gowns which make shoulders look wider than they are.  You might also want to avoid sleeves that puff out at the top and are tight at the wrist.

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Choose the Right Underwear

No fitted gown is truly complete without the perfect undergarments, and if you consider wearing a figure-hugging gown, just make sure you have the right shapewear to firm the essential areas (belly, thighs, hips and derriere). Spanx are the gift of fashion Gods to women, but a well-fitting bra is also a must, unless your wedding gown has an inbuilt bra already. In case you want to avoid stressing about spanx & Co., go for a dress with internal corsetry. It will make your life easier.

Order a Bigger Size Rather than a Small One

If you are ordering your dress way in advance (which you really should, especially if it is made abroad and needs to be shipped), it doesn’t mean you need to go for an anticipated size. The wisest thing is to order the same size you are now and, in case you lose some weight before your big day, you can alter your gown without paying a fortune. If the dress is already too small and you need to take it out, it will cost you much more and eventually the item may still not fit well. Forget about your wish size, being realistic is more practical in this case.

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Showing Some Arm

Not many plus-size brides are eager to reveal their arms, and you will notice there is little choice of wedding gowns with long sleeves. However, there is a great selection of cover-ups out there ready to be channelled: from capes and lace wraps, to shawls and boleros you can wear the stylish accessory of your choice clasped with a brooch or tied up in a pretty bow.

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No matter what dress you choose, the secret is to feel comfortable in your own skin. A confident curvy bride looks sexy and happy, and that is exactly who you want to be.

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