To Garter, or Not to Garter?

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dgarter bath
Photo Courtesy:  Eileen Rivard

Where did all this garter business come from, anyway?  The custom started in 14th century France, where the groom would remove the garter, sometimes with his teeth, and toss it to the single men in the crowd.  Similarly to the tossing of the bouquet, the one who catches the garter is next to be married.

So, are you going to stick to tradition?  If you do, first, toss your bouquet to the single ladies.  Next, seat yourself comfortably in a chair, and let your man do his work.  You may want to slide your garter down a bit to help him out.  Then, your gent will slingshot it out to the gents.

Later, your new husband can remove your other garter in the privacy of your suite.

Enjoying the Tradition
Photo Courtesy:  Julie Edgely

One last note:  Keep it classy, ladies.  You want to be beautiful today, not sleazy.  Everyone wants to have a good time on their wedding day, but you should save the sexual antics for your wedding night and honeymoon.  There are ways to act out the garter tradition with style, avoiding some rather embarrassed wedding guests, and even more embarrassing photographs that you wouldn’t want your grandchildren to stumble upon.

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