How to Get Your Groom to Help You Plan the Wedding

You have been dreaming about your wedding flowers, the dress, and picking and replacing bridesmaids since you could remember. Your groom, on the other hand, has probably just started to even realize all the teeny tiny decisions that you will have to decide on over the next year. Then he immediately handed the reins to you and went back to watching TV.


So you dove in and at first it was fun. Color schemes and flowers and getting up to date on all the latest trends. Now you are emailing every vendor you can find online and your schedule is crammed with DIY’s, meetings, and fittings. Where did that loving and supportive boyfriend go? It’s time to get him back in the wedding game and relieve some of that stress before you turn into bridezilla.

Here’s how to get your groom back with a quick two-step process:


1. Make a honey-do list. I know you always cringed at the thought but he will never know what you need him to do unless you give him a list. This is his first lesson in husbandly duties. On his list, try and give him things that may interest him. Like finding a DJ or band. Save him from the hours of floral chatter, but make sure he knows when the cake tasting is.

2. Ask his opinion. Narrow down the choices to those last two options and then present them to him with the pros and cons. Men like when we listen to their opinions and let them have a say without overwhelming them with the details. So just make sure that you are concise, and you listen to his thoughts. Quick word of warning, if you constantly choose the other choice you will lose him for good.


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