High Heels? How Many Inches Do You Dare?

How high can you go?  Four inches? Five?  No matter how tall you dare to go, be sure your heels are comfortable.  You’ve got a long day ahead of you, girl!

heels white
Photo Courtesy:  кофе

White is always nice for a wedding.  As for height, you can either go tall and proud, or short and sweet.  Why not wear some sexy white high heels to match your immaculate dress?

heels glitter
Photo Courtesy: Pat Dye

Every lady needs a little bling.  While white shoes may match your dress, glittery shoes like those above will match your ring.  Gold heels are lovely, and the sparkle of the silver will make a classy statement while stepping down the aisle.

heels silk
Photo Courtesy:  Stephan

Here’s another silver option, and this one is a little less glamorous and a little sweeter.  These shoes are all wrapped up with a cute bow.  Chic and adorable!

heels off
Photo Courtesy:  Erin Malone

Truth be told, by the end of the day you’ll probably ditch your shoes, anyway.  After a couple of drinks and a long day of standing, you’ll be glad to take a load off.  Feel free to throw those puppies off and dance your heart away!  This is your day:  Live it up!


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