How to Hint Your Boyfriend about an Engagement Ring

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You might be expecting your loved one to surprise you with an engagement ring anytime soon, but will the rock be exactly what you would like to wear for the rest of your life?

This might be the real reason why your boyfriend has been hesitant to pop the question (not because you are not the love of his life, duh!), and it would be a real shame to make him waste even more time just because you are not dropping any hint about the ring of your dreams. Agree, miss?

A guy who is about to propose needs to be sure he will wow you when he opens that magic little box in front of your eyes. Channelling the same ring for as long as you live is quite a commitment, and that is why your sparkler needs to be the perfect one.

Not sure how to hint your beau about your dream rock? Here are some easy and subtle tips on how to do it:

  1. Blame It on the Celeb

Find a celeb who just got engaged (easy!) and Instagrammed her sparkler (I guarantee you’ll find a good close-up there). If it looks very similar to what you have in mind for your own finger, show the photo to your boyfriend praising the ring and saying how much you envy the lady for getting to sport such a stunner for the rest of her life. Flutter your eyelashes twice to end with. He will totally get it.

  1. Give an Honest Feedback

Has one of your BFFs just got engaged? Great chance to drop a little comment on her ring! If you love the style, tell your boyfriend about what great taste your friend’s fiancé has. If you don’t, well, I’m sure you will know how to make him understand that, as well.

  1. Use Social Media

What could be easier today? You can tweet a photo of your dream engagement ring or, even better, create a Pinterest board with your favorite styles (and leave it up on your browser “by mistake”). Remember to title it “Dream Engagement Rocks”. Voilá, the job is half done!

  1. The Window Shopping Strategy

Take your guy on a day out shopping and “accidentally” notice the ring you love in the window of a jewelry store. Show your I-would-kill-to-wear-that face for a couple of seconds then move on. Oh, he noticed that all right!

  1. Count on Your Best Friend

If you sense he is going to propose soon, you’d better let your best friend have all the details about your dream ring. He should not find her unprepared when he goes to her asking for help. Plus, he will feel much more confident about his choice if he gets some trusted advice.

Subtle enough, girls? Start hinting!

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