Honor Your Mother at Your Wedding

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Mother of the Bride

Mothers are the only human beings that will forever give us unconditional love. Sure, that goes for dads, as well, but this article is all about the mother of the bride getting some extra love on her daughter’s big day. Sorry dads, ladies first!

If you would like to make your wedding day really special for your mom, there are many ways to do it. I always wondered why dads got all the spotlight: walking their daughters to the altar, having a special dance with them, etc. It doesn’t really seem fair to moms, does it?

Why don’t you make things a little different and honor your mommy on your big day, showing her how much she means to you? The smiles on her face will be pretty priceless.

  1. Channel Something that Belongs to Her

Family heirlooms are the best way to sport the traditional “something old” on your wedding day, and your mom will be more than happy to lend you her string of pearls, a pair of diamond earrings, her veil, or even her wedding dress for the occasion. I can totally understand if you find this last item too obsolete for a modern bride like you but, if you really want to wear it, I am sure you can find a good seamstress that will give the gown a facelift. Voilá!

  1. Let Your Mom Walk You Down the Aisle

This will be one memorable episode for your darling mom! Even if your father or any other man in your family is supposed to walk you to the altar, ask your mom to join (and watch the sparkle in her eyes upon hearing the question). Many brides have been breaking the tradition lately, having their precious moms accompany them to the “I do” spot. Maybe it’s time to get a little unconventional…


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3. Surprise Your Guests with a Mother-Daughter Dance

For a true heart-warming moment you’ve got to have a special dance with your mama. Tunes like Every Mother’s Dream by Teresa James, Mama by Spice Girls or Que Sera Sera by Doris Day will have your guests reach for their tissues. It will be an emotional dance for both you and your mother, so try to hold back those tears (for as long as you can) and dance gracefully with the one that made this day possible.

Mother Daughter Dance

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4. Honor Your Mother with a Thank You

Your speech will be one of the highlights of your wedding, so be sure everyone will be paying attention to it. Besides praising the endless qualities of your hubby (yes, I know you will do just that) remember to thank your mother and father who played a major role in your life. They will appreciate your kind thoughts and will feel the proudest parents in the world.

5. Get Sweet Pictures of Your Mom

Create some special memories by having your mommy photographed in various moments of your wedding day. Tell your photographer to capture her when she helps you get ready, during your touching dance, or your speech. Those images will show genuine emotions and will be treasures to cherish forever.


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Whatever way you choose to honor your mother is fine – just remember to do it.

Ready to give everyone (yourself included) a teary eye?

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