Hot Beverage Ideas for Your Reception

Whatever the weather, providing hot beverages for your guests allows them to relax and be comfortable.  Give your friends a selection to choose from.  Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate should all be on the menu.

latte art
Photo Courtesy: Tonx

A coffee bar allows people to personalize their own beverage so that you know they’ll enjoy their drink.  If your budget allows, hire a professional barista to create some memorable latte art. For a festive twist, have your barista keep a bottle of Bailey’s and Kahlua to spike the coffee drinks for your guests.  Beautiful and fun: Double win!


bev hot tea
Photo Courtesy: Ginny

Give your guests a selection of different teas to choose from, and make sure each bag is labeled.  Organize your tea bags in a way that’s easy for anyone to navigate.  You only need a few bags of each type, but don’t skimp on any one thing.  If you have the time, get a pack of empty tea bags and fill them with your own individual blends of loose leaf teas.  Make sure to label them clearly!


bev hot choc
Photo Courtesy:  Allegro Photography

Sumptuous and delectable, hot chocolate is a great alternative to coffee, and can be enjoyed by both adults and kids.  Offer your guests plenty of options!

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