Ideas to Pull Off a Colorful Wedding

One big decision many brides face when planning their wedding is what colors to choose. Some have them picked out since they were little girls. Others are going into the engagement with absolutely no idea what to choose. However, a way to get away with choosing official colors and still have a beautiful wedding is having a colorful wedding.

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Much like having a themed wedding, colors are a central decor and bridal party outfit planning base. You are able to slowly construct your wedding based on the colors. Choosing all the colors of the rainbow to include in your wedding is bold, attention-grabbing, and a little bit overwhelming. How are you ever going to narrow down decor and bridesmaid dress choices when literally everything can match?!

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The most important thing to remember when having a colorful wedding is to make sure every color is represented equally. So, if you have a candy buffet, make sure every color is in each container. To help you narrow this down, it is a good idea to choose a palette for your colors. If your wedding is in the spring, choose pastels. If your wedding is in the summer, choose bright and vibrant shades. If your wedding is in the fall, choose dulled shades that are deeper. If your wedding is in the winter, choose cool palettes for all of your colors.

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When done correctly, colorful weddings are festive, happy, and memorable. All of your photos are going to pop with excitement and vibrancy. Planning out your decor and bridal party outfits may be a little more difficult, but the color explosion that happens on your big day will be well worth it!

Image Credit: The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, Inspired By This, WV Weddings Magazine, Elisabeth B. on Pinterest, Judy E on Pinterest

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