Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


The choice of your spouse is fundamental, I totally agree, but please don’t underestimate the choice of your wedding photographer!

Your wedding album (which will bring back sweet memories over time) depends entirely on the lensman, so I’d suggest that you find the time to have a friendly yet honest chat with the wedding photographer before your big day. You will be mainly asking questions, so here are five important ones that will help you decide.

1.     What is your experience? Can I see some of your previous work?

If this person is not professional, you can say good-bye to dreamy and touching wedding photos. You should know how long he/she has been doing this for, if it is just a hobby or a full-time job, and you should be able to see some portfolio samples. Real pros are more than happy to show their past work, but if this doesn’t happen, you have a great excuse to move on.

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2.    Will you be available all day for us?

This is important because a photographer who needs to attend another event right after yours and is stressed about timing is simply annoying.

You don’t want to be rushed on your wedding day now that the big moment has finally arrived!  Ideally your photographer should be there for as long as you require, so settle this from the very beginning.

3.     What is your overtime fee?

 You might know exactly when your wedding starts, but you can’t exactly predict when it is over. People may want to stay longer than anticipated, especially if they are having a good time. If you still want to have the photographer around, make sure you know how much this will cost you.

4.     Do you have a backup plan?

If the unexpected occurs and your photographer can’t make it to the event anymore, you should have the option of calling another photographer to get your big day covered. Ask for the name, phone number and experience of this other person so you are more relaxed about an unforeseen episode.

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5.     Can I check for references with some of your former clients?

If this person has no epic disasters to hide, you will get some phone numbers of former couples that he/she photographed in the past. Ask about behavior, timeliness, professionalism, etc. You will definitely hear about bad experiences, if any, so make these calls and listen carefully.

Don’t skip this crucial mini-interview lest you should get some unpleasant surprises when it’s already too late. Repeating the wedding just for the sake of getting better photographs is not on your option list.

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