Japanese Inspired Wedding Celebration

japan cherry blossoms
Photo Courtesy: June Marie

Cherry blossoms are iconic in Japanese culture.  Be sure to include them in your decorations, or have a spring wedding and reception beneath their pink dappled boughs.  Whether you have your wedding in Japan, or Washington DC, cherry blossoms in bloom make every environment more special.

japan cake
Photo Courtesy:  Jamie Anderson

Speaking of cherry blossoms, why not carry on your pretty in pink theme to your wedding cake.  Choose a simple white, baby blue, or pastel green fondant wrapped cake, then adorn it with a bough covered with cherry blossoms.  The three dimensional branch and flowers are gorgeous and simplistic.  Best of all, you can choose whatever cake you want when you adorn it with fondant.

japan sushi
Photo Courtesy:  Maria Luisa Buccella

Perhaps the best thing about a Japanese inspired wedding is your choice of cuisine.  You can have a variety of sushi to start with, either setting up a buffet style option like in the photo above or by serving individual portions.  If you’re feeling extra frisky you could hire your very own sushi chef to roll for your reception.  What a special and unique treat!

japan bento
Photo Courtesy:  Route 79

After sushi, why not have a main dish like teriyaki chicken, or bento boxes.  Maybe even throw on a quick miso soup.  There’s no better start to a hearty Japanese meal.

Bento boxes are a great idea if you’re not a sushi fan.  Also, having a cooked option for guests who may not enjoy sushi as much as you do is thoughtful and probably much appreciated.  Bento boxes are beautiful to behold, as well as delicious.  You get a wide variety of foods, and the fresh options are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.  Play with textures and colors.  Be sure to add some fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to put something of every color on the plate.

japan sake
Photo Courtesy:  Rei San

The perfect accompaniment to any Japanese inspired menu is sake.   Invest in some authentic sake glasses and saucers to rest them on. Get some good quality sake, maybe a bottle per table.  If you have an open bar, have a sake drink be your signature cocktail.  For a non-alcoholic option, have some green, black, and oolong tea.  You can serve it hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened.  No matter how you have it, it’s delicious!

japan lantern
Photo Courtesy:  Carol Sawada

When decorating, simple is better.  Why not hang up some paper lanterns embellished with traditional calligraphy?  Hang them all at different heights to add visual appeal and depth to the room.  Don’t hang them too low, though; you don’t want anyone to bump their head!  While decorating, consider colors like black, white, red, gold, and royal blue.  Black tables make a great starting point for any Asian inspired decorative theme, and will look gorgeous in any room.

No matter where you hold your wedding and reception, incorporating a Japanese them will add sophistication and beauty to your celebration.  Sushi or no sushi, everyone is sure to have a blast!

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