Keeping Your Weddings Focus Where It Should be

It’s not uncommon for a bride-to-be to get caught up in wedding planning and let her focus shift from her and her fiancé to seating charts and floral arrangements. Most of us are familiar with the play-by-play that led up to Big’s pre-wedding breakdown in the Sex and the City movie. The media hype that let Carrie’s pretty little bird-adorned head float a bit too high in the clouds. The misguided anger Miranda spat at Big the night before. The countless phone calls Big made to Carrie. The last message where he desperately pleaded, “I need to know that it’s still us. Just you and me.” Although extremely dramatized (did Carrie really need to smash him with the bouquet? He said he made a mistake…) the one lesson learned was the importance of keeping a weddings focus where it should be. Here are a few sweet and romantic ideas to keep you and your loved one at the forefront of your (no pun intended) big day.

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Share the planning. Every man is different when it comes to wedding planning. Some like to be completely hands on while others prefer to stay as far away as possible (except for the menu tasting). Even if your fiancé is adverse to involvement, find something he does enjoy so you can both have input on this day. It may be the wedding of your dreams, but don’t forget it’s his wedding too.

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Write your own vows. This romantic adaption on traditional vows is a personal and modern way for a couple to declare their love. Divulging how you feel and hearing what your partner feels for you is an act that makes a ceremony especially special. The process of writing vows also allows for each of you to take time to reflect on your love and relationship, something that is rare in today’s busy world. Don’t hesitate writing your vows together either. While saying those words for the first time at your wedding may seem romantic, you will find the bond that is built by helping each other write is just as lovely.

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Write a Letter. If writing your own vows is too difficult or personal, opt for a letter to be delivered to each other before the wedding. Here you can share your feelings, a special memory, or your excitement for starting this new chapter. If you choose to follow the tradition of not seeing the groom before the ceremony, a letter is a great way of feeling close even when you can’t be face-to-face.

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Wedding day gift. Jewelry for her, cufflinks or a watch for him. These are popular gifts that couples choose to exchange before the wedding, but you can also use this opportunity to share how much you mean to each other. Put the emphasis on personal significance by having something engraved with a message or quote. If a fancy gift isn’t in the budget, choose something that is special to you as a couple. A souvenir shop style present from an unforgettable trip, a token from your first date, or something that symbolizes a highly classified inside joke. The goal is to give a gift that says, “I love you” and puts a smile on each other’s face.

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