Lipstick Looks for Your Wedding Day

Got the dress, but don’t know what lipstick goes best with your look?  Here are some tips to help you decide which hue is best for you:

lipstick bride
Photo Courtesy: Madeleine Ball

Go Nude! Find a lipstick that almost matches the natural shade of your lips.   Or, choose a lipstick that’s one shade darker to enhance your look.  A light application of a simple clear gloss will make your lipstick last.  Lips with a nude tone will draw extra attention to your eyes.  So, be sure to go for a sparkly lipstick or gloss if you’re wearing light eye makeup to make both your lips and eyes pop.


lipstick red
Photo Courtesy: Beks

Be Ravishing in Red:

Red lipstick is classic, and it will always give you a fresh look and make a bold statement. If you choose this shade it might be in your best interest to whiten your teeth before your wedding day.  Red lipstick will make yellow teeth look yellower and white teeth look whiter. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious, you may want to go for a more demure hue.

The same goes for dark red or brown lipstick.  Your goal is to enhance your beauty, not to draw attention to your less appreciated features.  Be bright and vibrant, not dull.  Go for a vivacious shade instead of a dark or dull color.  This is your special day, be effervescent.


lipstick pink
Photo Courtesy: Paula Bailey

Pretty in Pink:

Pink looks good on anybody; you really can’t go wrong! Remember, “pink” technically covers a wide range of hues, so if baby pink isn’t your shade, go for a rose color, instead.  Be flexible and open minded and you’ll be able to find your perfect look.  Try to avoid corals or orangey pinks, unless your skin tone permits. If you’re naturally pale, avoid pastels that will wash your tone out.  If you’re skin tone is darker, a fuchsia might fit the bill.


lipstick gloss
Photo Courtesy: Kris A.

Glossy and Gorgeous:

If lipstick isn’t really your style, go for a lovely gloss.  A glossy sheen will pull your whole look together, adding a little extra sparkle to your already pretty smile.  If you’re not makeup savvy at all, go for a translucent pink gloss.  No matter what your skin tone is, a clear pink gloss with simply boost your lip color.  Whether you choose a glittery one or not depends on your personal preferences.

Regardless of what lip color you choose, be sure to take good care of your smackers before your special day.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Nobody wants chapped lips, and you definitely don’t want them in your wedding photos.  Put on your favorite chap stick before applying your lipstick or gloss. Plus, don’t forget to reapply before special moments!   You may even want to try a sugar scrub a day or two before your special day to slough off any dry skin, giving your lips a fresh, healthy shine.  With lips so luscious, your groom won’t be able to wait to kiss the bride!

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