Live Plants Will Brighten Up Your Special Day

Everyone knows that flowers will make an appearance at your wedding, but why not brighten up the room with a few live plants?

plant succulent
Photo Courtesy:  Phil King

Succulents make a great centerpiece.  Take a note from the picture above, where the creative person who made this centerpiece used an old cigar box, poked a hole in the bottom, and lined it with thick plastic.  Then, they added potting soil and they’re pretty succulent selection.  Finally, they topped it all off with white rocks to make the green color pop.  You could even send these cuties home as gifts for your guests!

plant herb
Photo Courtesy:  Cassia Noelle

Some other greenery that should definitely make an appearance at your wedding are fresh herbs.  Herbs are aromatic and beautiful.  Basil, rosemary, and sage are all beautiful plants, and will let off a pleasing aroma.  If you’re having some Italian food at your reception, basil or rosemary would be splendid in the center of the table.  Having Asian food?  Why not have purple mint on the table.  Gorgeous, fragrant, and an all-around great idea!

plant calathea
Photo Courtesy:  Linda Hoover

Moving away from edible plants, we have gorgeous Calathea.  Calathea comes in hundreds of varieties, each more beautiful than the next.  These hearty plants enjoy a warmer, more humid atmosphere, so try to keep them out of the cold.  They are so strong, though, that a brief night outside won’t kill them off (as long as it’s not below freezing).  Not only are they wonderful to look at, but they are masters at cleaning the air, as well, leaving the room clean and fresh.  Calathea brings a tropical vibe to your celebration, and often elicits the question, “Is that real?”

plant orchid
Photo Courtesy:  Bill Gracey

Sophisticated and complex, yet simple in their way, orchids are some of the world’s most revered flowers.  There are thousands of varieties of orchids, any of which would make a stunning showpiece at your wedding.  A single orchid plant makes such a statement, and your guests will surely ooh and aah over it throughout the evening.  Not only that, but you’ll be pleased to take it home to take care of.  Orchids brighten up any room of your house, and usually don’t need too much sunlight.  All they need is a warm place with plenty of water.  Kitchen or bathroom, anyone?

plant fuchsia
Photo Courtesy:  Melissa

These fancy looking blooms are a part of the Fuchsia plant, and would look excellent at an outdoor occasion.  Put them in your favorite hanging baskets, and show off these epically gorgeous flowers to your friends.  This plant usually grows abundantly, and the more the merrier.  It seems the Fuchsia plant likes to show off its blooms as much as you will.

plant daisy
Photo Courtesy:  Jill

Finally, why not end on a simple and traditional note.  Daisies are darling and just ever so pretty.  Why not put a lovely, colorful pot full of your favorite daisies in the center of your reception tables?  A pot of little daisies would look wonderful at an outdoor spring or summer wedding.  Best of all, they come in many different colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from!

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