Makeup Styles for Your Wedding Day

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or leaving the work to the professionals today is your special day to look your most brilliant.  If you’re hiring a makeup artist, tell her your preferences before he or she begins.  Tell them whether you prefer color or neutral tones, metallic or matte.

Before you go overboard, be sure to be true to yourself.  If you don’t wear heavy makeup in your day to day life, don’t make this the day to try out a new heavy black cat-eye.  Go for a more subtle, natural look, like the gorgeous bride below.

makeup natural
Photo Courtesy: Jenny Packam

If you’re no stranger to aquamarine smoky eyes and sultry shadowy hues, today might be the day to break out a pair of fake eyelashes.  Be sure to use a high quality brand.  There’s a huge difference between simply pumping up your natural beauty and looking like you have caterpillars crawling on your eyelids.  Sometimes, placing individual lashes will be all you need to boost your beauty.

makeup eyelashes
Photo Courtesy: Neys Fadzil

If you’re applying your own makeup, remember these simple tricks:

Don’t over-apply foundation.  Conceal first, then apply a light coat of foundation.  Remember: blend, blend, blend.

Use a highlighting powder that is several shades lighter than your skin color.  Use it to highlight your brow bone beneath your eyebrows, and the inner corner of your eyes.  Take a larger brush and dust some on your temples and the corner of your cheekbones to give yourself a healthy glow.  Take your pinky and highlight your lips, both the top and bottom, by blending a bit of the highlighting powder into the center of your cupid’s bow and underneath the center of your bottom lip.  Your lips will look slightly plumper and more kissable!

Apply your base shade over your entire lid, top and bottom.

Apply a darker shade in the shadow of your brow bone, and in the corner of your eye. Never put dark shades in the inner corner of your eye.

When putting on eye liner, start from the outer corner and work in, applying some to the inner lashes.  Go light, then apply more if needed.

Finally, finish with mascara, and fake lashes, if you’ve chosen to wear them.

makeup application
Photo Courtesy: Bram Vera


Finally, once the rest of your makeup is in order, you can apply your lipstick.  A ravishing red, like the hue worn by our bride below, will accentuate the whiteness of both your dress and your teeth.  The stark contrast is incredibly appealing.

If you have metallic eye shadow, be sure to wear a more matte lip color.  If you have more demure tones on your eyes, feel free to wear a sparkling lip gloss or shimmering lipstick.  Too much glitter will make you look gaudy, not classy.

makeup lipstick
Photo Courtesy: Junebug Weddings

A fool proof way of ensuring your makeup look is successful is to practice the application several times before the day of your wedding.  Try different shades together to see which is most appealing to you, and which colors look best with your skin tone.

Cover Photo Courtesy: Jay Hsu

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