Men’s Wedding Attire : Make Sure He’s Sexy Too!

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Its all about the bride….right?  I hear this so often, I sometimes forget that the day is about joining two people together!  Obviously the man and his wedding attire will play an important role as well…to make the bride look that that much better!   Alright so I’m kind of joking, but I am here to tell you, when the groom and his groomsmen are cohesive and trendy, it makes for the most beautiful wedding pictures and that can only benefit the Bride!  Here are some of my favorite trends for the man of the hour!


Here is my trendy nerd alert, I’m loving this immensely!  Suspenders add such a cool vibe to the men’s wedding attire and it is also adorable on the littlest men in the wedding party.

suspendersPhoto credit:pinterest

suspenders1Photo Credit: itsabrideslife

ring bearerPhoto Credit:pinterest

Mix and Match Everything:

We all know the mixing and matching of bridesmaids dresses is a trend that has caught fire, but what about the men?  Whether it’s their tie, their socks, or their suits, this is just hot!

socksPhoto Credit: bp.blogspot

tiesPhoto Credit: pinterest

ties1Photo Credit: pinterest

Bow ties:

Bow ties used to be a closet accessory that only the most daring men wore.  I am happy to say that this is another trend I’m loving.  We are seeing all different types of Grooms wearing these, in all different styles of weddings and it brings an intellectual twist to the traditional tie!

bowtiesPhoto Credit: itsabrideslife

bowties1Photo Credit: pinterest

The Grey Suit:

Pink is the new white for wedding dresses this year and in my opinion, grey is the new black for the Groom!  It’s sexy and clean and looks amazing in photographs. This is catching on and it is going to leave the traditional black tuxedo in the dust!

grey1Photo Credit: pinterest

grey2Photo Credit: Rebekahwestoverphotography

Hope this helps you and your groom choose the perfect wedding attire for him!  I know I had almost as much fun “shopping” for the groom, as I do shopping for the Bride…almost! 😉

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