Modern Neon Wedding Ideas


Neon is all the rage right now and I am sure that won’t stop through the summer!  It seems to come and go for sure and this year it is back with a more modern twist!  Sure it may seem foreign for wedding color choices and certainly isn’t for every bride, but there are so many ways to wear and decorate with neon for your wedding this summer!

When using neon wedding colors, it is a quick and easy way to get crazy and make your wedding look less than classy.  I am here to give you some modern neon wedding ideas that are fun and modern when choosing to decorate with bright and bold colors.

Candy tables are a perfect way to incorporate neon into your wedding theme.  These candy tables are fancy sassy and are sure to make sure your guests leave happy!

candy candy1Photo Credit: bridalmusings

candy2Photo Credit: pinterest.

Who said you need one single color for your wedding bouquet, I am obsessed with all the bright and colorful flowers used in these!  They match everything, and when you don’t have a specific flower you have to have it makes it fun for the florist to make beautiful bouquets like these.

flowersPhoto Credit: ghost-12.blogspot

flowers1Photo Credit: pinterest

I love the look of these table settings and centerpieces!   The simplicity of the flowers with the bold colors of the decor is perfection!

centerpicesPhoto Credit: ruffledblog.


I am drooling over this neon tiered cake!

neonweddingcakesPhoto Credit: pinterest

My favorite way to incorporate neon is through the bridal party!  It is so easy to add a splash of neon to the brides shoes, or a sash on the bridesmaids dress!  Either way you choose it is the perfect way to make your wedding party pop!

Mixing and matching is all the rage right now, and these neon gowns are fantastic for a neon theme.

neonPhoto Credit: pinterest

neon1Photo Credit: weddingchicks

Every bride loves a sexy pair of pumps!  These Neon Jimmy Choo’s will do the trick!


This photo idea is simply perfection!  The colors pop and this bride and groom wear neon well!

bridePhoto Credit: weddingchicks

 I know a neon wedding may seem a little out there for some, but these bride and grooms did it right!  There are some fantastic and classy ideas to incorporate bright neon colors into your modern wedding!  Have fun with this, I mean……how can you not have fun with NEON!

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