The Must-Have X-Rated Props for Your Bachelorette

The props you have are part of what makes a bachelorette party so much fun! I spoke in an earlier post about how my Maid of Honor was ready to kill me for being too involved in trying to plan my bachelorette and bridal shower organizations. Don’t be as bad as me, but feel free to forward this article on to her!

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The bride needs something to stand out in the group and the most popular choice is a short fake veil. Some veils get dirty with little male members glued onto the tulle. Other brides wear sashes, tiaras, or even wigs.

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Give the bride and all members of the party a naughty accessory. This can include a feather boa, sashes declaring them a bachelorette party, dirty pins, or small tiaras of their own.

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Penis accessories make a bachelorette party hilarious. Go crazy with penis necklaces, penis straws, and other penis paraphernalia.

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One fun prop you can give the bride is the Suck for a Buck accessory. Either give the bride a bouquet of lollipops or tape the lollipops all over her body. Include a sign that tells people they can buy a lollipop from her for a dollar, or Suck for a Buck. Not only do people (mostly men) get to buy a lollipop, they also have to remove it with their mouth!


Buy a blowup male doll for the bride to carry around all night. Some parties even go so far as to handcuff the blowup doll to the bride’s wrist all night!

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Make the bachelorette party fun with daring games to play! You can either give the bride a scavenger list of stuff to collect, like a condom or men’s business cards, or dare her to do things, like dance on the bar or walk into the men’s restroom.

Everyone has their smartphone cameras, but it is dangerous to keep bachelorette evidence on them. Instead, buy a couple of disposable cameras for the party to pass around. The Maid of Honor needs to collect them at the end of the night to ensure the safety of the X-rated photos.

Photo Credit: Spencers, Pinterest

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