Nail Polish Ideas for Your Special Day

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So, you’ve thought of everything under the sun for your wedding day, but don’t overlook the ever so important details.  Your nails, for one!  Remember, it’s not just your husband you’ll be giving your hand to today, tons of people are going to be checking out your new goods.  Be ready to show off your rings and nails, all in one!

nails french
Photo Courtesy:  2now1 Photography

A French manicure is a lovely, classic look for your wedding day.  French tips enhance your nails’ natural attractiveness, and doesn’t draw too much attention from the star of the show: your rings!

nails pink
Photo Courtesy:  Alexandra de Abreu

Ah, pretty in pink.  You can’t go wrong with stylish pink or purple nail polish.  If you decide to go for a color, consider a more demure shade.  Something rosy or pastel.  Hold off on the crazy long fake nails and rainbow fingernail polish for your special day. A classy, sophisticated approach is always best for such special occasions.  Plus, you don’t want to overshadow your ring or dress!

nails mani
Photo Courtesy:  Andrew Morrell

Maybe a manicure is your best bet, especially if you’re a nail biter.  Here’s a fun idea:  Go out with your bridesmaids to all get your nails done together!

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