Natural Accents for Your Wedding Reception

There is nothing more universally appreciated than nature.  Adding a touch of the natural to your wedding reception can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.  Best of all, if you forage yourself your decorations can be inexpensive, or even free!

natural flowers
Photo Courtesy: Gerald Yuvallos

Flowers are usually found at weddings, but if you maintain a more natural look there’s no need to overcomplicate things.  Above is a simple arrangement that will look great at the center of any table.  If your other decorations are more streamlined, ditch the bow and stick to the simple flowers and glass vase.  Be sure not to cut the stems too high so that your guests can see each other across the table.

natural apple
Photo Courtesy:  Fenster

A fruit filled crystal bowl makes a gorgeous statement.  If you’re having a fall wedding, try an arrangement like the one above.  A variety of apples adorned with fresh, healthy sage is aromatic and lovely.  If you’re having a spring wedding, why not trade out the apples for citrus like lemons, limes, and oranges.  Wintertime?  Switch out the sage for small pine boughs.  There are thousands of different fruits to choose from, as well as hundreds of fresh herbs.  Mix it up and get creative!

natural shells
Photo Courtesy: Rachel James

Shells are some of nature’s most dazzling decorations.  Attach thin ribbons or strings to the back of your favorite shells and sea stars, and hang them on sturdy branches.   You can leave the branches as is, or spray paint them your favorite colors.  Secure the branches in a high necked clear glass vase by adding some sea glass to the bottom, or even more shells or simple stones.

natural wood
Photo Courtesy: Dan Shouse

Nuts can make an attractive centerpiece.  Walnuts and pecans are a great choice, as are almonds and acorns.  Use an array of nuts to add visual appeal.  The centerpiece above is adorned with hand carved wooden pieces.  Nuts look great in any container, from a clear glass vase to a unique silver vessel like the one pictured above.

natural fish
Photo Courtesy:  Shaeree

Want to really wow your guests?  Give each table a fishy friend!  Put a large clear bowl or vase in the center of each table and line the bottom with stones, marbles, or sea glass.  Remember that your fish are living creatures and need care, so be sure to feed them properly and keep them at the right temperature.  Nothing’s worse than a dead fish in your centerpiece.  Beta fish, goldfish, guppies, and Mollies can survive in unfiltered water, so do a little research before you buy.  Also, be ready to have a home for your new buddies after the celebration, whether you send them home as gifts for the kids or put them in an aquarium at home.

Whether you’re a traditional flower fan, or want to think outside the box a little bit, adding a natural touch to your wedding reception is simple and striking.  Let mother nature be your guide!

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