Why you Need a Day of Coordinator

wedding planner bride at computer_miriamackermaneventsPhoto Credit: Miriam Ackerman Events

Do you have a very specific idea of how your wedding day should look with lots of handmade touches? If wedding day directions include having the purple-pink orchids should be grouped in threes on each window ledge with the tallest in the back and the hydrangeas on the left. You may want to consider hiring a day of coordinator. Are you a DIY bride or a multi-vendor bride? These are also great areas to hire a day of coordinator.

If you answered yes to any of these above statements, you may be asking what exactly does the day of coordinator do. In a nutshell – they do everything you would do on the day of your wedding (if you weren’t the bride). If you need help setting up DIY centerpieces – they will do that. Do you have a tricky in area in your timeline where you want guests to mingle and go to the bar but have no one to tell them what to do? They can do that. Do you want the dessert table and the candy bar to be on separate sides of the room with the bar in the middle and the DJ next to the photobooth? They can make sure that happens too.

The day of coordinator can also help you set up your timeline. They start from scheduling when the travel hair and makeup team arrive and finish when the last piece of confetti is swept from the floor. They will even detail when you can take a quick bathroom break and when you need tissues for the speeches.

If you are a DIY bride, the day of coordinator can feel like an extravagance that defeats the purpose of DIY. However, you spent twelve months holding a glue gun and perfecting your Photoshop skills –don’t throw in the towel last minute. The cost will absolutely pay off when you see how a professional can display your programs, escort cards, or wedding madlibs in a way that your bridesmaids never could.

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