The Need-to-Know Bridal Beauty Rules

Your wedding day. The one day of your life that you work your hardest to look as beautiful as possible. No expense is spared for this opportunity and you want to look the greatest you possibly can. Not only do you want to wow your guests, but you also want to look in the mirror and see what your groom sees every day he looks at you – exceptional beauty. To make sure you look as beautiful as possible, follow these need-to-know bridal beauty rules.

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The first rule of bridal beauty perfection – maximize your best feature. If you have a beautiful smile, find the perfect lip treatment and color to accentuate them. If your eyes are gorgeous, find the perfect eye look that makes them look bigger and more beautiful.

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Don’t overdo your spray tan. At most, you want to look sunkissed and warm, not orange. For advice on when to spray tan and how to fix any problems, read my other blog post on spray tanning.

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Don’t attempt any new beauty treatment or crazy haircut one month before the wedding. It may completely backfire and cause a bridal beauty disaster. Experiment with new beauty treatments months before the wedding to find the perfect look.

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The veil you choose should work well with the shape of your face and your chosen hairstyle. If you have a round face, you need to choose a narrow veil and a smaller hairstyle. If you are doing an updo, contain it so it just frames your face. If you have your hair down, make your curls long and luscious. On the other hand, if you have a longer face, you need a veil that is wider and a hairstyle with volume. These choices will round your bridal beauty look out nicely.

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Choose only one featured accessory and then make all your other accessories simple and complementary. So, if you have an amazing necklace you want to feature, keep your earrings, bracelet, and headpiece simple. You don’t want to over-accesorize on your wedding day.

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Make sure your undergarments fit under your dress correctly. Undergarments that don’t work with your dress will make you look awkward. Speak with a dress shop employee for their expert opinion on what to buy underneath. You also need to wear the same undergarments to all your fittings to make sure your dress truly fits correctly.

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Smile with your whole face! You always see the beautiful beaming bride photos and some women worry because they aren’t good at smiling on cue. On your wedding day, it will be easy to find that huge grin as long as you concentrate on smiling with your eyes, cheeks, jaw, and everything on your face.

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Every bride wants to look thin and beautiful in their dress. However, you need to eat before the wedding. You will naturally lose a few pounds due to stress and nerves leading up to the wedding. Don’t radically change your diet outside of that. You might crash on your wedding day due to low blood sugar if you try. Throughout the day, make sure you drink tons of water and don’t skip any meals. The day is busy, but you really, really need to eat.

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Your bouquet is part of your bridal beauty look. Since we don’t walk around holding a bunch of flowers everyday, brides always look awkward with their bouquet and tend to hold it like a fragile trophy. Relax your arms as you hold the flowers and lightly hold the stems with both hands. Try to keep your bouquet at your navel all day so it isn’t stuffy in front of your chest. Your photographer will pose you with it throughout the day, but inbetween you don’t want to look awkward.

Photo Credit: The Knot, Style Me Pretty

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