Why You Need a Photobooth At Your Wedding

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Photobooths are making an appearance at more and more weddings. They are getting so popular that many people are figuring out how to DIY them for complete customization and easy use. Photobooths are a great activity for people who don’t like dancing (or need a break!) or for the guests that want to get together and have some fun!

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One of the coolest parts about photobooths is the ability to capture memories with friends and family you don’t see very often. Friends who have moved away can come back for some fun photo captures. Family that you only see at Christmas can get together and show off the goofy side of the family.

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Many couples are choosing the photobooth pictures to give as wedding favors to their guests. It is a favor that guests will cherish and keep forever instead of a trinket. Many couples create custom thank you paper for the photos to be printed on to emphasize how the picture is a gift. You can also choose to have every guest take a photo in the booth and place it in a photo album that acts as a guest book. The guests can write congratulatory messages in the book as well.

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Props can make photobooths infinitely more fun. You can throw in props that go with the theme of your wedding, along with ones that are simply fun! Oversized sunglasses, feather boas, chalkboards to write messages, moustaches, wigs, and hats are all great things to add to your prop box.

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To make it a game, you can challenge your guests to get the funniest picture possible. Have your DJ or band announce the contest and say they have one hour to compete. The winner can get a special prize or a chance to make the bride and groom do whatever they want. This can be a skit or a goofy dance they must perform.

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