Oregon Wild Fires : Unbelievable Wedding Photos!


We have all heard by now about the Oregon wild fires, it is sweeping the news and social media.  When I heard about the now newlyweds, Michael Wolber and April Hartley’s wedding (only a short 6 miles away from the fire) getting completely evacuated I was so heartbroken…..until I saw these photos!  There is nothing that can make the Oregon wild fire’s something wonderful but photographer Josh Newton did his best with these unbelievable wedding photos!  Right as their wedding ceremony was about to begin firetrucks pulled up to the venue and let them know they needed to evacuate the area.  They had a ceremony that was half the time and their guest and wedding party quickly packed up to head to the reception at a different location, but Josh had different plans for the just married duo!  With all of their guests running for their cars,  he snapped pictures of the newly married couple with the wild fires raging behind them!  I am blown away be the creativity and eye that captured these photos.  The first two photos below, show just how beautiful this venue was in itself.  Backed up to the forest, it is a beautiful venue!



Located at the Rock Springs Ranch in Bend Oregon, this bride new exactly what she wanted when planning her special day.  Nestled around tall trees, overlooking a beautiful pond, this is an ideal venue for all bride’s!  It was the perfect day for a wedding, and the groom said it himself… he told the newspaper that it was “the most beautiful ceremony either of us could have ever imagined.”  And of course we couldn’t agree with him more!





fire6All Photo Credit: Josh Newton

The Oregon wild fires made for some unbelievable wedding photos, what a special day!  This Bride and Groom (and photographer) made the best out of the situation and that is an inspiration to us in itself.  These photos will be remembered and shared by us all!



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