Planning a California Wedding

california couple
Photo Courtesy:  Jason Sussberg

There’s a reason California is the most populous state in the country.  The weather is gorgeous, and the scenery is epically beautiful.  Sure, it’s huge, but that gives you all the more options to choose from for your California wedding celebration!

california sanfran
Photo Courtesy:  Loic Lagarde

1. San Francisco:

There are not many places more iconic or beautiful than San Francisco.  With such a diverse landscape, both physically and socially, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for you.  With an abundance of natural scenery nearby, someone craving an outdoor wedding is easily appeased.  In the city, there’s even more to find!

Be sure to visit San Francisco during the warmer months, as it never gets too hot here.  Enjoy the festive atmosphere, and relax by the gorgeous shore.

california sandiego
Photo Courtesy:  Justin Brown

2. San Diego:

There’s so much to do in pretty San Diego. With tons of options of places to hold both your ceremony and reception, this city has got it all. Definitely be sure to explore some of the clean beaches, the waves are perfect for body surfing or boogie boarding, and the water is crystal clear.  If you’re an animal lover, the San Diego Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world, but plan on spending at least 4 hours:  it’s enormous!

More of a city slicker?  Get the girls together for a shopping trip up and down the stores near Pacific Beach (PB).  From boutiques to grungy dives, there’s something for everybody down the stretches.  While you’re in the area, snag some fantastic food.  The rolled tacos smothered in guacamole are particularly delicious, and cheap, too!

california santabarbara
Photo Courtesy:  Brian Koprowski

3. Santa Barbara:

For the more laid back, Santa Barbara hits the spot.  You’re surrounded by bountiful nature, windswept trees and sandstone cliffs, but there’s still that small town vibe.  Walking up and down the beaches in Santa Barbara are beyond beautiful.  Be sure to catch a sunset by the seashore.

As far as your actual wedding goes, this is definitely an outdoor kind of place.  You wouldn’t want for you or your guests to miss out on a second of this beautiful atmosphere.  The air is fresh and clean, and the sun is warm on your shoulders.

After the ceremony, why not go on a romantic horseback ride along the bluffs with your honey.  You’ll certainly be glad you did.

california napa
Photo Courtesy:  Big D

4.  Napa Valley:

Not everywhere beautiful in California is on the coast.  Iconic Napa Valley is a wonderful place to host your wedding day.  The combination of the terrific scenery, the picturesque architecture, and the awe inspiring vineyards is hypnotic.

Best of all, there’s WINE!  Feel free to indulge in some of the best wines of your life in one of the most gorgeous settings.  If you go for tastings, bear in mind that at some vineyards you get a discount if you go with a group, and reserve beforehand.  Even better, if you speak with the owners, you may even be able to rent out a room, or even the entire vineyard, and hold your entire celebration there.  What a fantastic experience!

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