Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses, A Trend You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

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 When I first heard that buying pre-owned wedding dresses was a trend that was quickly catching on, I immediately thought, that is definitely not a buzz worth catching.  Why would I miss out on the excitement of shopping for that perfect dress with my bridal party, going around from shop to shop trying on hundreds of dresses, building lasting memories? It sounded like a dream crusher really, but trust me when I say, the price of dresses will become a scary reality the minute you step foot into that first wedding dress shop.  It’s beautiful and perfect and it is just like you always imagined, but it definitely isn’t cheap!  Imagine this, you’re in the dressing room and you finally find the one, the perfect dress!  It fits every part of your body perfect, you’re walking out in this dress…and then you look at the price tag.  Seems you have good taste.  So good you picked the most expensive dress in the entire store.  It can happen to us all, and that is the real dream crusher! With that, here is why purchasing pre-owned wedding dresses may be an option that you don’t want to miss out on!

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 1) They do the work for you?

There are wedding gown websites like Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses that offer over 20, 000 different dresses for you to choose from.  You can set up and refine your search to nail down exactly what you are looking for.  Just put your style, your budget and your favorite designers into their search engine, and see hundreds of amazing dresses.  You can set it up to alert you of any new listings within your criteria, and anytime one your favorite dresses has a price reductions.  Check out these amazing pre-owned wedding dresses, and how much they are being sold for!


This dress retails at $4,200, you can get it at preownedweddingdresses for $950!  A $3,250 savings that will blow your mind not your budget!

Pre own VeraPhoto Credit: Joe Buissink on

One of my all time favorite dresses by Vera Wang.  This retails at around $7,900 but you can get this dress on  for $5,o00.  If I got married today this dress would be mine!

 2) You deal direct with the seller

Once you’ve found your dress, you negotiate the rest with the seller’s themselves.  You take out the middle man, and you can even negotiate a price that works for both parties.  I love this part of it, because we all know that there are so many of us that have our wedding dresses still hanging in the closet collecting dust.  So the sellers may be trying to make some space in their closet, or maybe get some much needed cash, thus making them eager to sell! So the price you see may not be the price you end up having to pay.

Pre owned TulleTulle is a a huge trend hitting the runway this wedding season, above is another dress you can purchase at

3) See and purchase all the hottest dresses worn by your favorite celebrities

This is the best part, you can purchase dresses that you just saw your favorite celebs wearing in the most recent People magazine! When you buy pre-owned they do the research and work for you!  They feature the latest and greatest wedding dress trends!  I don’t know about you but I would have no problem walking down the isle in a dress worn by Kim Kardashian or supermodel Lily Aldridge!

lily POPhoto Credit:

This dress worn here by Lily Aldridge is a Vera Wang smash! See the options you can purchase that are pre-owned and half the price below!

Lily PreO

Lily PreO1Photo Credit:

This is such a great option for so many different Brides and their unique situations. It’s a great way for brides that are in a time crunch and are getting married right away, they don’t have time for weekends of wedding dress shopping.  I love this for brides that have a tight budget, but have a dream dress that they couldn’t imagine not being in on their wedding day.  It really is an option for any bride that loves to get a steal of a deal on an amazing dress!  As I learned more about how this works, I realized that some websites are more user friendly than others. and, were the easiest to navigate and both of these sites offer direct buyer/seller communication and that is a must. You can ask the seller a ton of questions so you know exactly what you are purchasing.  There you have it, I hope you had as much fun as I did learning all about why this is a great way to find that special dress for you!

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