How to Pull Off a Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

Traumatic memories of humidity-induced bad hair days and painful, sweat-soaked gym sessions may come to mind when you think of the ponytail hairstyle. These images are the opposite of romantic, elegant and beautiful. The ponytail is a hairstyle used to haphazardly get your hair out of the way, not as a wedding hairstyle.

High Ponytail Short and Simply Pony Ponytail 1 Ponytail 2

Brides today are starting to set a trend with the elegant ponytail hairstyle. Not only are there many ways to make it beautiful, it is the perfect hairstyle choice if you are having a hot summer outdoor wedding (especially if your dress is heavy!). Ponytails will make you infinitely cooler and more comfortable on your big day.

Side Curled Ponytail Bump Ponytail Curled Ponytail twisted ponytail


You can bump up the back of your hair to get more volume, making your face more angular. There are many different ways to place your ponytail – high on the head, in the middle, at your neck, or off to the side. With each of these placements, you have different styling options. Your stylist can get creative, twisting and setting your ponytail in a way that looks completely elegant. Braids are an extremely popular way to class up a ponytail style. There are many brides who choose to twist their hair into multiple loose braids, all ending in a gorgeous ponytail.

Bumped Ponytail Curled Low Ponytail Long Low Pony Braid Low Pony


No matter what style you choose for your pony, curl the ends to achieve elegance. Ending your ponytail in an abundance of curls, whether soft or tight ringlets, will completely separate your hairstyle from memories of bad hair days and sweaty gym days.

Side Swept Ponytail Curled Side Ponytail Twist Ponytail Pony Hairpiece Retro Pony

To class up your ponytail even more, you can add jewels and other gorgeous headpieces. Place small crystal flowers throughout your ponytail style to add some sparkle to your hair. If you have a side ponytail, you can choose real flowers to slide into your hair. Fake flowers, feathers, or a jeweled ornament would also look beautiful resting in a side ponytail.

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