How to Pull Off a Tiara with Any Kind of Wedding Hair

Your wedding day is the one day you get to spare no expense to become as beautiful and elegant as you can be. Many brides choose this day to become Princess Diana and wear an amazing tiara. Some brides worry about pulling off a tiara with their favorite hairstyle and veil, but don’t worry. There are many different styles of tiaras that fit any kind of dress, veil, and hairstyle.

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One of the most popular tiaras is the double band. This tiara has two semicircular bands stacked on top of each other with crystals placed on the band.

tiara pointed tiara timeless tiara diamond crystal tiara

The wishbone tiara is more vintage than other options. This tiara curves around the head and rises to a point above the crown of your head. The wishbone style will work with an up do hairstyle or loose curled hair very well.

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The headband tiara is just like a headband, but with jewels. It sits flat on the head, but often has beautiful detail. Sometimes the headband only has a side detail, such as a jeweled flower.

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The wreath tiara is asymmetrical and mimics the look of a wreath of flowers encircling your head. It can look like a vine, flowers, or leaves made out of jewels.

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The bun wrap tiara is unique in the fact it is worn further back on your head. The bun tiara is flexible and beautiful, perfect for a high bun or pretty updo.

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The regal tiara is rarely worn by brides because it is considered too over the top, but some with major royal confidence can pull it off! The regal tiara is very formal and rises high above the head. Think Coronation Day for an idea of how they are worn!

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If you want to wear a veil with your tiara, make sure you simply attach it with loops and hooks made out of fabric. With this method, you can remove the veil without taking off your tiara and ruining your hairstyle. If you don’t want the veil attached to your tiara, you could also buy a back piece to place the veil at the back of your head.

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Bring your tiara with you to the hair appointment so your stylist can attach it perfectly with your hairstyle. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure the tiara is placed at the crown of your head or slightly further back. Never place it on the top of your forehead, even if you choose the headband tiara.

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Whatever tiara you chose, it should complement your hairstyle and dress. Never make the tiara your statement piece. The focus should be on your dress, then your hair, then your jewelry, then your make up, and then your tiara.

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