Putting a Tune to Your Special Day:

Before, during, and after your wedding ceremony you’re going to want to have some music.  Whether you’re a fan of classical or you can’t life without a little rock and roll, picking the perfect melodies are a must.

music classical
Photo Courtesy:  Shawn Calhoun

During the reception, why not hire a string player of some kind.  Stringed instruments make great background melodies.  Think guitar, harp, cello, or violin.  Better yet, get one of your oh-so-talented friends to strike up the tunes.

music rocknroll
Photo Courtesy:  Scott Holmes

Hiring a wedding singer is perhaps the most traditional route for your reception’s harmonies.  If that’s not quite your bag, hire a band!  Or, if you’re particularly talented, play a song or two yourself.  Don’t have the skills or the dollars?  Make a mix of your favorite songs to have played during your reception dinner and dancing.

music cd
Photo Courtesy:  Lis Ferla

If you’re going that route, why not make your CD into a present for your guests to take home?  Putting such a personal touch on your gifts will warm your guests’ hearts, especially if your song choices are particularly heartfelt.  Wrap it all up in a pretty package, and everyone will have you two on their minds whenever hear your mix.


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