The Quick and Easy Guide to Bridal Fitness

You go through so much to look beautiful on your wedding day. You find the perfect dress, a dreamy hairstyle, a red carpet makeup look, tanning, waxing, dieting, and more. Many brides have anxiety about fitting into their dress on the day, especially if they have a long engagement, or if the dress was somewhat tight on the day they bought it. Other brides feel the weight of forever when it comes to the pictures. And then there are brides that want to be able to dance all night without sitting down! No matter what reason you have to get in shape for your wedding day, here is a quick and easy bridal fitness guide to get the fit look you’re after.


No matter what your body type or current weight is, there are different ways to lean and tone your body so that you fit into your dress and look even more amazing in it. As always, it is a good idea to diet with your workout for better results. You don’t have to get crazy where you are only eating carrots. Just reduce the bad fat, eliminate fast food, add more protein, and drink a ton of water. For bridal fitness, there are five main things you need to focus on – cardio, arms, back and shoulders, chest, and butt.


cardio5 cardio3 cardio1

Starting a cardio routine is going to help get your entire body in shape fast. When you start doing cardio a few times a week, your entire body will slim down and become stronger. After a few months of cardio, you will not only look amazing, but more importantly feel amazing!


arms2 arms1

Your arms are one of the focal points of your body. Whether you have strapless, bell sleeves, or long sleeves, your arms get no corset or flowing fabric like different dress styles. Why not welcome your guests (and your fiance!) to the gun show and slim your arms so they look amazing in any dress!

Back and Shoulders

shoulder3 shoulder2 shoulder1 back3 back2 back1

For the brides that have a dress that highlights their back, working out this area of the body is important. If your dress is highlighting that area, you want it to look good! Strapless wedding gowns have corsets. While the corset slims your figure and eliminates your ability to breathe, it has the undesired effect of pooling the back fat we all have up and over the top of the dress. This was my huge terror with my dress – my pool of back fat. I worked hard dieting and working out my back to reduce that amount of overflow present and I felt more confident on my wedding day.


chest6 chest5 chest4 chest3 chest2 chest1

Ladies, your fiance loves your kahunas. Even if your dress boosts them up, why not work out your chest so they are even perkier for your wedding night and your honeymoon? Chest workouts may make your breasts smaller, but it also makes them perkier which your guy will be drooling over!


butt4 butt3 butt2 butt1

You may be asking yourself, “Why butt? No one is going to see that in my dress.” The butt exercises are more for your honeymoon so you look and feel great wherever you may be going. Besides, you want to have a great butt to groove around the dance floor at your reception!

Image Credit: Pinterest, I Get It From My Momma, Losing Every Extra Pound, eHealth and Fitness, Popsugar

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