Real Disney Inspired Weddings

A Disney theme is the perfect representation of a girl’s wedding day. After kissing so many toads, they have finally found their Prince Charming. If you are considering a Disney themed wedding for you and your groom, take inspiration from these other couples (and avid Pinterest Disney board owners!) to create a true fairytale.


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Frozen instantly became the next Disney classic. It also broke the Disney Princess movie mold by having independent princesses who don’t need a man, but find the right one after getting to know them. However, true love is a central theme in the movie. Along with the beautiful animation, brides are taking inspiration. This photoshoot in particular takes Elsa’s snow queen look and transforms it for a bride to wear. Combine that with a winter wedding date and you are set for a beautiful Frozen wedding.


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Tangled is another recent Disney classic that is fun and completely romantic. The lantern scene alone has provided so much inspiration for Disney-crazed brides. I attribute braids coming back in style entirely to Tangled and many brides go above and beyond with their beautiful Tangled locks – I mean, looks.

The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid is a great idea for a subtle Disney themed wedding if you are going to have your wedding on a beach. Obviously a mermaid dress is a must, but you can have so much fun with a Little Mermaid wedding. Photographer Jessica Frey did just that when she helped a couple create a Little Mermaid wedding photo shoot.


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Most wedding inspiration for Aladdin comes from gorgeous Indian weddings. The colors are bold and beautiful, wedding dresses are always colorful and unique, and the decor is mindbogglingly elegant and comfortable. Your best bet to pull off an Aladdin wedding is to stick with the purple, green, and desert red colors. From there, you can get as Indian as you want!

Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast is probably the easiest Disney inspired wedding a bride can pull off. There are so many beautiful and romantic elements to the movie that are easy to recreate in your wedding. The bottom five photos are again from photographer Jessica Frey. You can check out the entire photo shoot she did with the couple here.

Image Credit: One Fab Day, Modern Wedding Blog, Pinterest User Rachel B, Pinterest User Rapunzel Floyd, Jessica Frey Photography, Pinterest User Rebecca Hall, Pinterest User Amanda Ahrnsbrak,

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