The REAL Ways to Reuse Bridesmaids Dresses

“The best part about this bridesmaid dress is that you can just shorten it and reuse it!” Hasn’t every bride said that at some point to justify her expensive bridesmaid dress choice? It is her wedding, she should get to pick any bridesmaid dresses she wants. I just hate when brides try to justify their choice by saying their maids can reuse their dresses when they really can’t. So I am going to give brides and bridesmaids everywhere REAL ways they can reuse dresses.

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Donate your dress! Yes, this means that you can’t reuse it, but you can make a young girl’s dream come true when she finds the perfect dress for prom. Or you can help some poor soul who has to go to their first formal wedding ever. You can go to Donate My Dress or find a local charity that sells dresses to girls.

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Dye your dress a different color. Just because your BFF loved the color mint green does NOT mean that you look awesome in it. If the dress style is cute and trendy, pay to get it dyed to a versatile color you can wear to multiple events. Or you can dye it a color that you look awesome wearing.

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Dress it down. Bridesmaid dresses can be very elegant, which is inconvenient for everyday life. I can barely find an excuse to wear a regular sundress let alone a beautiful and expensive organza bridesmaid gown. Nearly everything can be dressed down with accessories. Try a cute cardigan or casual jacket with the dress. Put on a chunky belt and casual sandal wedges. Even gorgeous gowns can be worn shopping with the right accessorizing.

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Get crafty! If you are so into the Pinterest DIY craze, then turn your bridesmaid dress into something fun and crafty! You can use the fabric to make pillows, handbags, blankets, or use it for scrap on other projects. If you have kids, cousins, or nieces, you can turn your bridesmaid dress into a play princess dress they will cherish. You can see a lot of craft ideas here.

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Turn your bridesmaids dresses into a Halloween costume. Okay, it is still only one time you can wear it (multiple Halloweens if you aren’t picky) but it can be a showstopper and possibly a costume contest winner! Consider making your own Victorian dress or take out some of your leftover wedding stress and trash it to look like a zombie.

Image Source: Wedding Chicks, The Knot 

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