Real Wedding Inspiration for Your Beach Wedding

The beach is a stunning setting and perfect getaway for any wedding. The sand is soft and exfoliating, relaxing even the most nervous barefoot bride! The waves crashing in is a soothing symphony that makes the perfect backdrop soundtrack to your wedding. The sky and water make for beautiful shades of blue and the sun will give you the most outstanding pictures as it brightly reflects off the water.

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For a romantic setting that guests will be fighting over invitations for, the beach is a perfect wedding setting. Many brides shy away from the beach idea because they feel they cannot wear their dream princess ballgown on the beach. This is absolutely not the case! It’s your big day and you can wear whatever kind of dress you want, whether you have your wedding on the beach, in a mansion, or in your backyard.

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Get married on the sand is perfect for the relaxed, fun-loving couple. You can have any kind of wedding you want while feeling ultimate relaxation and joy from the beautiful setting. From elegant to nautical themed, the beach is versatile for every kind of decor. One of the best parts about a beach wedding is all the opportunities you have for an amazing reception. You can mark the dance floor in the sand so guests can shake their groove thing without fear! You can light the area with fairy lights, tiki torches, or candles for a variety of soft, romantic glows. Day and night, the beach can provide you everything you need for the ultimate wedding ceremony and reception. The bonus of it all – you don’t have to travel very far for your honeymoon!

Image Credit: Monica and Chance’s Sanibel Island Wedding on WeddingChicks, Malibu Beach Wedding with Blush and Tan Wedding Party Attire and Farm Chairs for Guests to Sit In on Wedding Chicks

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