Real Wedding Inspiration for Your Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are very different from any other type of wedding venue location. I have also written about beach and woodland weddings, each of which hold their special value. But there is something extra special about a garden wedding that still allow brides to do whatever they please in terms of decor and theme.

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Many think of an English wedding when they think garden wedding. This connotation comes from the outstanding gardens at the various palaces throughout history in England. Even now, the Queen has amazing gardens that are the host to various royal events. While that is a great theme for weddings taking place in a garden, there is so much more you can do.

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The garden acts as a backdrop for your exact dream wedding. The florals, greenery, sweeping meadows, or sparse trees gives you so many options for theme and decor. You can go basic with your decor, only requiring tables and chairs and any miscellaneous necessities you may want, such as a guest book.

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The garden also gives you a starting point to find the most amazing, jaw dropping decorations to complement the beauty of your venue. The floral designs will give your wedding the ultimate magical feel.  The amazing flowers crafted by the garden owners are also going to give you the most beautiful pictures to keep for the rest of your lives together.

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The landscape will hold many different types of flowers, all with different meanings. Your love story will continue to bloom perfectly in time with the various meanings the flowers in the garden provide. No matter where you have come from or your future plans for what you want your marriage to be, the garden will symbolize the growth you two have accomplished and the beautiful potential your future together has.

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