Real Wedding Inspiration for Your Woodland Wedding

When you find the right setting, an outdoor wedding can be absolutely stunning and extremely special. Many brides search for the perfect outdoor location only to be discouraged by lack of perfect options, fears of rain or bugs, or a much easier package option at a church or hall. All you need to do is start looking in the woods.

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The woods can be an absolutely magical place to hold your wedding ceremony, and even your reception. Think about it – instead of trying to find the perfect archway and backdrop at various venues, you can instead explore the woods and find a beautiful cluster of trees to exchange your vows under. The sun will filter through the branches and leaves perfectly, giving you and your soon-to-be husband the perfect shadowed look for photos.

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Entering the woods for a wedding ceremony will feel like you are being transported to a different land. The trees have been there for hundreds of years, a great parallel for how long your love will last for you and your husband. The woods have stood the test of time, have been present through the rise of skyscrapers and the construction of highways. They are a secret from nature.

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You can incorporate the timeless themes of nature everywhere in your wedding. Have your decor reflect your wooded wonderland. Choose poetry from the Romance ear of literature that uses nature to describe the love people share. The woods represent only the most basic survival and are a metaphor for how your love will be. It is simple, it is consuming, and you are pledging to each other that no matter what life throws at you, your love will be your survival. All you need to do is to look at the woods around you to remind you of how special and monumental this day is for you and your husband.

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