Reception Inspiration: A Taste of the Middle East

mideast lamb
Photo Courtesy:  Ulterior Epicure

Take your guests on a sensory exploration of the Middle East during your wedding reception.  For the main course, go for something tasty and simple like lamb kabobs.  Not only are kabobs authentic and delicious, but they look great, too!

mideast feast
Photo Courtesy:  Banu

Why not have a feast from the Mideast?  Go for a banquet style setup, and let guest pick and choose from several small dishes before the main course.  Dolmas, grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat, marinated in oil and vinegar, are delicious ways to start a meal.

mideast jallab
Photo Courtesy:  Adam Jung

Go for some authentic beverages as well.  Jallab tea is a great accompaniment to a Middle Eastern dinner.  Jallab tea is a concoction of carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water.  Mix it up however you see fit.  While it’s not traditional to have alcohol with most Middle Eastern dinners,  Jallab tea would be excellent punched up with a little rum, or even vodka!

mideast maamoul
Photo Courtesy:  Hisam Asshad

For dessert, try some Maamoul, a traditional cookie, usually made on Easter.  Made with semolina flour, you can fill them with dates, pistachios, and walnuts.  Be sure to bake them until they are pretty, golden brown, and delicious!

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