Recipe Inspiration: Stained Glass Wedding Cookies

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These pretty wedding cookies make great favors or a tasty finale at your reception spread.  While you can make them in any shape you desire, a classic heart is sweet and lovely.

stained cookie
Photo Courtesy: Loving.baking

All you’ll need for these treats is your favorite sugar, butter or gingerbread cookie dough, and several colors of sugar crystals.

stained sugar
Photo Courtesy: Anjuli Ayer

Use your imagination!

stained dough
Photo Courtesy: Robb Stankey

Mix your dough then roll your cookies out.  Use a heart shaped cookie cutter then use a slightly smaller size to cut out the center.

stained cutout
Photo Courtesy: Chris Campbell

Bake your cookies ¾ of the way through then add the sugar crystals into the center for the final minutes.  Don’t pack or crush the crystals, just sprinkle them generously into the center, making sure that they touch all sides.  Watch the cookies carefully, as you don’t want them to burn.

When you pull them out of the oven, wait until the sugar has completely cooled before taste testing.

Remember that the center is going to be a hard sugar candy, so these might not be the best treats for small children.  Make a couple of cookies (maybe the center cut outs) without the stained glass middle to appease the littlest ones.

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