Send Your Maid of Honor Bachelorette Party Inspiration

When I was engaged, my Maid of Honor straight up scolded me for trying to be too involved with planning my bachelorette party. I was just trying to give her ideas so she knew what I was expecting (and also things I did NOT want to go near). However, she felt I was getting too Bridezilla and told me in the most loving way a best friend can to back off. Instead of trying to feed your Maid of Honor ideas for your bachelorette (and getting yelled at), just passively aggressively send her the link to this post and wait for the party!

There is no need to go to a male (or female for the wild bachelorette parties!) strip club just to one up the Best Man. Many brides will not enjoy the experience. Instead, try to choose a theme bachelorette party to host. Here are some theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing, ranging from mild, medium, and hot!


Bachelorette Spa Day 3 Bachelorette Spa Day 2 Bachelorette Spa Day 1 Bachelorette Spa Day

“A Day at the Spa” is the perfect way to chill out a bride who might be a little stressed with wedding planning. Take the bride and all of her friends to an all-inclusive day spa. Choose a complete pamper package for the bride and see what the girls in your party can afford to join in. Afterwards, get glammed¬†up and hit a gorgeous restaurant to end your day of pampering.

Bachelorette Tea Time 2 Bachelorette Tea Time 1 Bachelorette Tea Time

“Tea Time” is perfect for the bride who is the epitome of a lady. Either host a gorgeous and luxurious tea time in your home, or go to a hotel’s tea time. You can combine the hotel tea time with a night out so you have a place to stay afterwards.

Bachelorette Fondue 3 Bachelorette Fondue 2 Bachelorette Fondue 1 Bachelorette Fondue

“Cheese Please” is where you tell the bride to stop eating almonds and fruit to fit into her dress and take her out for a calorie splurge! Go to a local fondue bar and try EVERYTHING. Different marinades for fondue-ing your meat, an array of chocolate pots for strawberries and cheesecake, and don’t forget the ooey gooey cheese blends!


Bachelorette Karaoke 2 Bachelorette Karaoke n1 Three young women singing karaoke at hen party

“Sing it From the Rooftops” allows the bride to proclaim her love for her soon-to-be hubby by hitting up the karaoke bars! Slip her a few drinks first so she is clawing her way to the stage to sing Kelly Clarkson or Selena Gomez. End the night with a group song on stage and photos!

Bachelorette Limo 3 Bachelorette Limo 2 Bachelorette Limo 1 Bachelorette Limo

“Luxury Bar Hopping” tricks your party into thinking going to bars, clubs, and possibly strip clubs is not a night of deserved debauchery. Rent a limo to travel in for the night with plenty of champagne to feel classy before you walk into the rave-like dance club. It is a great way for everyone in the party to enjoy themselves without worrying about transportation at the end of the night.

Bachelorette Disco 3 Bachelorette Disco 2 Bachelorette Disco 1 Bachelorette Disco

“Disco is NOT Dead” lets your group travel back in time to the seventies! Find a for-real disco joint with a mirror ball and everything. Get the girls to dress up in fun seventies clothes and huge curly wigs. Letting go of who you are and going back in time makes it easier to let loose and boogie!

Bachelorette Camping 3 Bachelorette Camping 2 Bachelorette Camping 1 Bachelorette Camping

“Going on a Bear Hunt” is perfect for the bride who is rooted in nature. Plan a weekend bachelorette party in a cabin in the woods (without the horror movie plot!) with sleeping bags, bonfires, and plenty of wine and beer! If there is a lake near by, plan to lay out in the sun before the big day as well!

Bachelorette Beach 5 Bachelorette Beach 4 Bachelorette Beach 3 Bachelorette Beach 2 Bachelorette Beach 1 Bachelorette Beach

“Bermuda, Bahama” is another weekend getaway idea to a more exotic location – the tropics! It can be a getaway to your local beach, down to Florida, or even Mexico! As long as all guests have enough money to do it, a tropical getaway before the wedding with the girls will be perfect for the bride!


Bachelorette Gamble 2 Bachelorette Gamble 1 Bachelorette Gamble

“Marriage is a Gamble” is a party idea to get a lot of debauchery out of the bride’s system. Take her and the girls to a casino or horse track and gamble away! The drinks and risky excitement will be tons of fun and a great way for the bride to let loose before the wedding.

Bachelorette Cowgirl 2 Bachelorette Cowgirl 1 Bachelorette Cowgirl

“Cowgirl Up” is perfect for the country bride. Take her and her girls to a Western themed bar for line dancing, square dancing, karaoke, and bull rides! Make sure every girl dresses the part of a country glam girl.

Bachelorette Scavenger 2 Bachelorette Scavenger 1 Bachelorette Scavenger

“Big Girl Scavenger Hunt” adds a little R-rated action without having to go to a strip club. Separate the girls out into teams and give each team the list of photos or items they need to gather by the end of the night. Make the tasks a little dirty for more fun! Keep the radius of the hunt small so the bride can still interact with all of her friends throughout the night. The group with the least amount of items checked off buys drinks for the entire group afterward!

Bachelorette Comedy 2 Bachelorette Comedy 1 Bachelorette Comedy

“Laughter is the Best Medicine” takes the bride and her party to a comedy club! Call the venue ahead of time and say you are a bachelorette party. They will get you a table close to the stage and make sure your bride is decked out in full bachelorette gear. The comedian will focus on your group and give you plenty of R-rated jokes to giggle at throughout the night.

Bachelorette Drag 1 Bachelorette Drag

“Marriage is NOT a Drag” is not for the bride with a thin skin! Take all of the girls to a drag show for the night! Drag queens have no problem telling you what they think, so make sure everyone in your group can relax and let things roll off during the evening. When you have fun with the drag queen sass, you will make a night to remember!

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