Seven Colorful Stones for Meaningful Engagement Rings


When dreaming about her wedding, an unconventional gal will probably think of a high-impact fuchsia wedding gown, an adorned reception bathroom, a Polaroid guestbook or a seashell wedding bouquet. However, you don’t necessarily need to be head over heels with everything eccentric to nod in excitement to a colorful engagement ring.

If you like more than one shade and are having a tough time deciding what to subtly suggest to your soon-to-be-fiancé boyfriend, here are 7 colorful stones (and their hidden meanings) to choose from for a captivating engagement ring. Since you are going to flaunt it for the rest of your life it’d better look spectacular, girls!



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1.      Passion Red Ruby

If fiery red does not stand for burning love I don’t know what does. An engagement ring featuring a brilliant ruby, the birthstone for the month of July, is believed to protect the woman who wears it, bringing her tranquillity and peace of mind. Jessica Simpson has been proudly sporting her ruby engagement ring for a while now, and to me she looks more serene than ever. Mere coincidence?


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2.      Royal Purple Amethyst

The birthstone for the month of February, elegant amethyst, is a variety of quartz in beautiful shades of mauve or purple. This outstanding stone is known to bestow peace, stability and strength, being also called “the stone of spirituality and contentment”. So, if stressful wedding preparations will not transform you into the bridezilla everyone feared, you will know your little amethyst is working its magic on you.


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3.      Deep Green Emerald

To me “lush green” and “beauty” are synonyms. Fabulous green emerald, the birthstone of the month of May, is associated with rebirth and renewal, symbolizing prosperity and bestowing faithfulness on its lucky wearer. This luminous gem looks wonderful on every skin tone, set in any precious metal. The proof comes from both Hale Berry and Olivia Wilde who flaunt gorgeous emerald sparklers as their love tokens. Show-stopper.



4.      Sunny Yellow Citrine

Bright citrine will put you in a good mood every time you need a pick-me-up. Its positive shade, which varies from pale yellow to deep brown, will be your reminder to smile once in a while and feel blessed for the love you have in your life. Known to promote success and abundance, this crystal is bursting with good vibrations making any bride radiate even more.  Just think of the happiness brought to Carrie Underwood by her sweet citrine engagement ring. Not bad!


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5.      Raspberry Pink Tourmaline

Every woman wearing a pink tourmaline stone is believed to be warm, kind, compassionate and extremely friendly. Are you already that woman? In this case a pink tourmaline engagement ring will fit your personality like a glove. The birthstone for October is associated with feminine energies, being also the symbolic gemstone of the planet Venus. Want more arguments? Promoting joy and serenity this blushing gem will simply flatter your hand.


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6.      Elegant Blue Sapphire

Ever since the world’s royal darling, the Duchess of Cambridge, waved her blue sapphire engagement ring to the crowds, this stone created a frenzy that is not over yet. The splendid birthstone of September is ready to help you banish negative thoughts, protecting you from illness, fever and envy (well, in this case I suggest every woman should wear one). Deep blue is also a relaxing hue, which really makes sapphire the perfect gem for an engagement ring!


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7.      Pastel Pink Morganite

Call it morganite or pink beryl, as long as this delicate gemstone is believed to attract love and actually maintain it (thanks so much, this is normally the hardest part!), it can bear any name whatsoever. With its innocent peach-pink shade, morganite will mesmerize anyone who sets their eyes on your proof of love.

Ready for an unconventional sparkler, ladies?

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