Skip Chalkboards, for a Glam wedding try Mirror Signs!

Sure, chalkboards have been getting a lot of attention in the wedding scene lately. But what about all the brides not having a rustic, or garden wedding? What about the brides having an over-the-top lavish reception with all the bells and whistles? They want ballroom and luxury, roses and orchids, gold and sparkle – not shabby chic. What can they use in place of chalkboards? Something better, that’s what! Mirrors. Mirror signs have sparked a flame in our hearts at They are gorgeous, shiny, eye catching, and you can check your lipstick in them! From menus, to drinks, to table numbers, and more, we have the best ways to incorporate mirrors into your wedding signage.

Menus are the most common use for mirror signs. Similar to the chalkboard, you can use one large ornate mirror and write in gorgeous calligraphy. Write the full five course meal on it, it’s big enough!

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Table numbers and centerpieces are also a great use of mirrors. Just think of all the candle reflections you will have flashing about the room?!

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Escort card tables are the perfect spot for the first of many mirrors throughout your décor. Write a little love note on it for your guests and they will be smiling all the way to their seats. Or utilize a full length mirror and trade escort cards for a seating sign.

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A sign on the cocktail table will been seen all night. This is the perfect spot for brides who want to make an impact. Guests will be hitting the bar, and every time they pick up a fresh glass of your signature drink, they will see the gorgeous lux mirror.




And of course mirror signs can always be used for a welcome, cigar bars, social media notifications and plenty more. The options are endless for brides who want a little extra wow in their reception.

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