Something Old, Something New…

something blue
Photo Courtesy:  Rebecca

So, the old rhyme goes:

Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

something sixpence
Photo Courtesy:  Michael Spiller

But what does it mean?  The “four somethings,” as it’s usually referred to, has been passed down from a piece of English folklore from the late 1800’s.  Each of the “somethings” grants the wife-to-be good luck, fertility, and prosperity.

“Something old” and “something new” signify a respect for the past and a promise to carry on traditions to the future.

“Something old” and “something blue” are also supposed to ward off the dreaded “Evil Eye,” which could render the bride barren.  This can also be negated by “something borrowed,” which is traditionally a fertile woman’s undergarments.  Oh my!  It might be best to leave that ritual in the olden days.

The “silver sixpence in your shoe” is a guarantee to financial stability and success.  Hear, hear to that!

something old
Photo Courtesy:  Loera Photography

This age old custom is more than just tradition, it’s something that will bring you and your loved ones joy.  Wearing a pair of your mother’s old earrings or your sister-in-law’s blue bracelet will not only let them know how much you care, but will put them smack dab in the center of your celebration. Nothing could be more cherished than that!

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