Spring Wedding Colors 2014


As I look out my window while writing this, I see empty trees blowing in the wind, and lots of that white stuff we all call (and curse), snow!  You can imagine my excitement when exploring and choosing the sought after wedding colors for spring 2014!  As we all saw in 2013, colors like Mint and Coral were all over the wedding runway, and they certainly aren’t going anywhere this spring.  However, this year we are seeing many different colors for spring and I think you will agree, weddings are going to be more beautiful than ever. ROSE GOLD By far one of my favorite 2014 spring wedding colors is rose gold!  It adds sparkle and elegance to any style of wedding!  You can use rose gold in a wedding just as we have seen gold and silver being used, from table runners, to bridesmaids, to jewelry and accessories, it can make any wedding budget look fancy.  I can’t wait to see what brides do with rose gold this spring!

rose goldPhoto Credit: weddingchicks

rose gold tablePhoto Credit:pinterest


These two colors feel like they are never going away, and for good reason!  I featured these colors together, because coral can be very vibrant and stunning but too much can be over kill.  Mint doesn’t always stand out, but next two coral, these colors are front and center! You agree?

mint and coralPhoto Credit:Pinterest

CandM flowersPhoto Credit:Pinterest

MandCPhoto Credit: Pinterest


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE!  There will always be some shade of blue in wedding colors each season for that saying alone, but this color made the cut this spring and I can see why.  There really is nothing flashy about this color, but it really puts a vintage spin on things.  It would also bring a sense of elegance to a barn wedding venue, which is really all the rage in 2014!

dusty blue dusty blue1 dusty blue2Photo Credit: Pinterest


Continuing with the blue theme, this color is the most vibrant on this primarily pastel color pallet.  You don’t really want to pair this with a pastel color, because it would wash it out. You don’t need to pair this color with anything as it is a show stopper all on its own.  Perfect for adding color through wedding shoes, jewelry and grooms attire!

dazzblue dazzblue1 dazzblue2 dazzblue4Photo Credit:munaluchibridal


These colors are perfect together because this jade has a grey tint to it, last year yellow and grey were a top pairing, and these two really remind me of that.  You need to be careful with pale colors because they can look more like a baby shower, especially yellow.  But paired with another color like jade, (any shade would work) it looks great. I incorporated yellow in my wedding and I am not surprised to see it pop up again this spring especially with jade by its side!

yellow pale yellowPhoto Credit: http:theknot.com, Pinterest

pale yellow1 Photo Credit:theknot, Pinterest

jadeandyellow YandJ


If you’re talking fairytale wedding you’ve dreamed of and seen as a child, this color is for you!  I feel like I say that a lot, but weddings are something that woman dream of their whole life! So some times its true….some things just remind you of your favorite princess in a disney movie!  It is unmatched to other colors when it comes to it being soft, delicate, and truly timeless. Brides are even wearing blush for their wedding dress and I also love this mixed with gold.

blush blush1

blush2All of these photos above and more: Pinterest


Often times pinks and purples get accused of being girly colors, but this shade of purple isn’t too feminine!  It stands out, and it’s radiant…just a couple reasons why people are saying it’s the top wedding color of 2014!

orchid orchid1 orchid2 orchid3 orchid4Photo credit for all above: pinterest


I have to finish with what I consider queen color herself…Gold!  It goes with everything, adds sparkle, its exquisite and above all in the color world in my opinion!  It doesn’t need much more of an introduction, see for yourself…

goldPhoto Credit:blog.saweddings

gold1 gold2 gold3Photo Credit:greylikesweddings

gold5Photo Credit:vponsalewedding

gold6Photo credit:stylemepretty

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