Sweet Inspiration: 15 Fabulous Beach Wedding Cakes

What is more charming than a summer wedding by the sea? You get to be a dreamy bride, the exotic atmosphere will charm every single guest, and that fantastic mix of waves, sun and smiles will stay with you forever.

If you are planning on having a seaside wedding, you should give your wedding cake some beach flair, as well. The obvious decorations for a too-beautiful-to-eat beach wedding cake are starfish, seashells, sea coral, or sand dollars, but there really is no limit to the imagination and you can weave the nautical theme into your wedding cake in endless ways.

Many couples opt for a classic all-white cake decorated with orange coral, edible shells and pearls. Others go for a tropical feel, using outstanding arrangements of lush flowers as decorations. If you want to show your sense of humor, you can create a real beach setting decorating the cake with blue ocean fondant waves, brown sugar simulating sand and, instead of the classic cake topper, use two his and hers beach chairs. Edible mermaids and lighthouses could also ornate your wedding cake, adding a fun touch to your sun-and-surf inspired gateau.

The warm season asks for light, fresh tastes, and a great idea would be to replace the traditional buttercream cake filling with a mouth-watering berry puree, have lemon cake instead of vanilla or, if you are a huge chocolate fan, have the cake filled with dark-chocolate cherry ganache.

Take a look at the images below and get inspired, ladies! You can design your wedding cake yourself, or leave everything to the baker’s imagination. The essential thing is that your beach wedding cake reflects your personality and style, delighting every palate with its exquisite taste, at the same time. Yum!

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